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TEC is an international consulting agency specialized in engineering and managing sustainable development

TEC is a consulting firm which has been working for more than fourteen years to provide a variety of public and private clients with a “tailor-made” solution, through methods and implication constantly renewed. Our expertise covers both mitigation strategies and adaptation to the impacts of climate change. For more information, go to the tab “Our expertise”.

TEC is also an innovative projects incubator: we are involved in developing new climate services, renewing business models by incorporating carbon constraint, and reinventing the way to communicate about sustainable development and climate.

TEC is also a mini-research laboratory TEC Lab, involved in the transition to a low-carbon society and the development of methods to support climate change adaptation. Our team continues developing partnerships with universities and research centers, in France and all around the world. 

Finally, TEC is a company committed to an ambitious CSR approach. In particular, the firm has enabled the creation and supports the development of the Association for Innovation and Research for Climate Change (AIR).


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