Our expertise

TEC offers the following expertises: consulting, study, research and innovation, training.

Our projects and research are based on short term and long term intervention, whether it is for methodological consulting, capacity building, project management, strategic planning, governance issues or assistance to decision-making. 


We are involved in two fields of climate change: mitigate and adaptation.

TEC supports the implementation of mitigation policies, programs and projects of public and private actors:

 -      Inventory of greenhouse gas emissions

 -      Assistance to mitigation strategies

 -      Monitoring and assessment of the evolution of emissions 

 -      Prospective studies

 -      Development of low carbon services

 -      Support for the renovation of co-ownerships


TEC also works on adaptation projects and policies:

-      Development of innovative regional climate projections

-      Analysis and assessment of territorial and sectoral vulnerabilities

-      Monitoring and assessment of adaptation

-      Assistance to adaptation strategies


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