Science is always going further... TEC is developing research projects related to our expertises. We are associated with public and private partners in different research projects.

HOPE Households’ preference on greenhouse gas emission reduction, European Union, JPI Climate Projet . Developed in partnership with Heidelberg University (DE), CIRED (FR), Umea Universitu (SE) and the Western Norway Research Institute (NO).

Simulation of carbon footprint of households in different countries and analysis for a better understanding of the environmental choices made by the households.

CLIPC Climate Information portal for Copernicus - FP7 European Framework Programme for Research, 2014-2017 - European Consortium with 19 partners

CLIPC will provide access to climate information of direct relevance to a wide variety of users, from scientists to policy makers and private sector decision makers.


EUPORIAS European Provision of regional impacts assessment on seasonal and decadal timescales

A project focused on Climate seasonal predictions (several months trend forecasts) and the development of climate services prototypes.